Game Dev Ninja

Video Game Marketing & Productivity Suite

Game Dev Ninja helps developers, studios and publishers by combining powerful project management software with customisable marketing tools and actionable, data-lead advice.

What is Game Dev Ninja?

All our tools are interconnected and designed to adapt to different levels of experience and types of game releases, allowing studios to create and execute plans and manage projects that are as varied and unique as the games themselves.

Our Marketing Tools

Game Dev Ninja is designed around the idea that the best person to market your game is the person who knows the most about it: You.

However, we know that marketing can be a difficult task for smaller studios without dedicated staff or a publisher behind them, or the budget to hire a PR agency to handle things.

To that end, all of our tools and features will be backed with up-to-date advice, tutorials and guides from people with direct experience in marketing video games.

Our Productivity Tools

We want to make the task of releasing a game as easy as possible.

Imagine having one single place where you can manage everything to do with the business side of your game, including calendars, press databases, release plans, project timelines and code distribution.

Now imagine all those tools feed into each other, so if you update one part of your games development plan, everything else can be adjusted around it within the same system.


Project Tracking and Management

At the heart of Game Dev Ninja is our project management tool. Our software will help studios manage and plan not only classic development tasks but also marketing and business.

Press Management

Track everyone who can help put your game on the map, keep an eye on where your review codes are converting into coverage and plan the best ways to engage with influencers, journalists and other stakeholders.

Key Distribution

Our key software allows you to manage keys from all major formats, in every region of the world, as well as allocating separate keys for different uses, such as reviews or promotions.

Press Kit Creation

Quickly create attractive and modular press kits and get your games assets in front of the press, directly integrated into our other tools such as the code and press management system.

Community Management

Grow your social following not through sheer numbers but through high quality follows, track and measure mentions and sentiment and connect your community to your development goals easier than ever before.

Release and Event Tracker

Games can’t be made in isolation, so keep an eye on important release dates, gaming conventions both big and small, store sales and even game jams to get an idea of the bigger picture.

The Team

Robert Clarke
Co-Founder, CMO

Rob has worked as a Marketing and Product Manager in the games industry for eight years, both in Triple-A at Electronic Arts (Titanfall, Need for Speed) and at indie games publisher, Curve Digital (Proteus, The Swapper, Stealth Bastard).

Daniel Nethersole
Co-Founder, CTO

After selling his first website at the tender age of 14, Daniel went on to create the website monitoring SaaS product, StatusCake, a multi-million pound software company used by over 100,000 clients worldwide.

Sarah Nethersole
Art and Design

Sarah is our resident artist and responsible for just about everything that’s nice to look at on the site.

Ben Jordan
Indie Ninja Manager

Ben works with us on content creation and curation for our Indie showcase website, Indie Ninja, as well as providing QA and Customer support.

Our Blog

We post about trends in game marketing and the business of game development on our blog, as well as further information on our own development and features.


We also run our own indie game discovery and curation website, designed to help you find your new favourite game. Check out the latest game added: